Package & Pricing

We carry a wide range of driving lessons and packages to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Our most popular are shown below. Please call us now to book lessons and packages.

Standard lesson

1 hour Lesson fees $50
1.5 hours Lesson fees $73
2 hours lesson fees $95


5 hours package fees $ 240
10 hours package fees $470
15 hours package fees $675

Practice Test and Driving test (Car rental) SBS Driving School' s students only

1 hour practice plus Driving test $ 150
1.5 hours practice plus Driving test $170
2 hours practice plus Driving test $190

Flat rate $45 / hour

Anyone who commits to take more than 15 hours driving classes.

Nervous learner's package (Condition Applied * )

Unlimited driving classes and practice driving test until you feel confident